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Custom E Cig Boxes

Custom print sundry E-cigarette(vape) paper boxes. We can provide all size and crafts vape boxes, such as rigid cardboard vape box, E-cig with lid, vape with insert, vape paper box with window,etc. Box style: drawer box, 2 pieces box, bottom box, box with lid. Printed materials: cardboard, rigid cardboard,art paper,ivory paper,corrugated paper and so on. Contact us, we will send retails to your e-mail one day.

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Countless Boxes,Unique Design.Cost Depends on Quality,Creativity Packs Life.
Product Details

Electronic Cigarette Paper Packaging


The electronic cigarette is composed of a cigarette rod, an atomizer and a battery. 17 years of service experience has made us realize that the design style of e-cigarettes has been changing and technological innovation is progressing, but the composition structure has not changed.

There are two ways of packaging: whole packaging and split packaging. The overall packaged electronic cigarette case is to wrap three components in a carton, and design the inlay inside the carton. Separately packaged e-cigarette box is to pack the three components separately, and then selectively packaged into a carton. What is the difference between such packaging? The larger the e-cigarette manufacturer's brand, the more attention is paid to distribution. Choosing split packaging can make the product appear more high-end, and it can stimulate customers' desire to buy. The manufacturer's brand influence is relatively small, then we recommend that you carry out overall packaging. First, the cost of packaging and printing materials is low. Second, the use of translucent packaging technology is also a trend choice, which can also stimulate customers' desire to buy.

Our company was established in 2003 and has been focusing on paper printing and packaging. We have absolute authority to inform you if you want to carry out packaging and printing. "Integrity-based, quality first, customer first" is our cooperative aim, "provide customers with the most suitable paper packaging production plan" is our original intention, "take the only way, paper packaging suppliers" is Our attitude. The integrated service mode of industry and trade allows us to deal with customer queries or production accidents for the first time, without reducing quality standards and extending delivery deadlines.

Product Information


           Product Name          Game Box
Material Paperboard
Color Customised
Printing Craft        UV offset printing,hot stamping,special effects printing         
Shape Kinds shape and also customised
Shipment By sea or air
Design Customised
Used Pack the gift,the food,the cosmetic and so on
Thickness 0.2mm to 0.6mm
Printing Colors and Pattern are customise

Common Cardboard And Processing Technology


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