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Custom Surprise Gift Boxes

Customize and wholesale surprise boxes of various box types and craftsmanship. We conquer new manufacturers with the attitude of focusing only on carton printing and the quality of 3000+clients without return.

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Countless Boxes,Unique Design.Cost Depends on Quality,Creativity Packs Life.
Product Details

Surprise gift Box


  • Surprise could be classified as little surprise and big surprise, but there is no relationship with the size of surprise gift box. The measurement of the surprise depends on many factors, such as the accepted scenes , whether the packaged items are expected, whether the design of the surprise box is porcelain enough and whether the inside lay up enough little surprise and so on. We, as a 100% factory custom box company, calculate the annual production volume and find that 76% of the choices that people pass on surprises are small and exquisite packaging boxes. The more beautiful designed and brightly colored boxes are more popular.

Are you looking for a factory specializing in small cartons?

  • Bingo!We are a supplier focusing only on paper packaging,a expert customizing surprise gift box. The 17 years of packaging industry business experience tells us that the market is paying more and more attention to product quality, focus, design effectiveness and service experience. The number of cooperating customers reached more than 2,000, but the churn rate remained below 6%, which again proved that our judgment on customer concerns was correct. At the same time, I have always followed the tenet of "quality first, integrity-based, customer first" to provide customers with low-cost, high-yield production and design solutions.

Production parameter


           Product Name          Surprise Gift Box   
Material Paperboard
Color Customised
Printing Craft        UV offset printing,hot stamping,special effects printing         
Shape Kinds shape and also customised
Shipment By sea or air
Design Customised
Used Pack the gift,the food,the cosmetic and so on
Thickness 0.2mm to 0.6mm
Printing Colors and Pattern are customised

Common Cardboard And Processing Technology


Design Styles


Auto Bottom Tray

Header Card

Double Wall Tray

design style

Auto Bottom With Hanger

Gable Auto Bottom

International Certification

Production Process


Design Effections


custom surprise box

custom surprise gift box

Black surprise box

Small surprise gift box

Custom Full Size Boxes


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