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Custom Printed Airplane Boxes Manufacturer

Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

The airplane box is a corrugated box, named after being expanded like an airplane. It has a wide range of applications, such as jewelry, cosmetics, beauty products, express delivery and other industries.


Material selection
Airplane boxes are generally printed on corrugated paper, which has excellent pressure resistance, printing capacity and shapeability.


Box type is easy to transport
The airplane box is very easy to transport and belongs to the foldable packaging carton. After being rolled out, the 1000pcs airplane box uses very few transportation cartons and the transportation cost is low.

Lots of matching techniques
The surface treatment generally uses light film, embossing, and has an amazing gloss. There can be compartments and film inserts to protect fragile or easily damaged items.

Source factory, low price
We are the only factory in Shenzhen that specializes in custom printing of paper packaging boxes, established in 2003. From the selection of raw materials to printing and packaging, one-stop service is your responsibility without affecting the customer's schedule.