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How to choose the right cardboard box and corrugated box?

Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

Cardboard Box VS Corrugated Box

Material difference is fundamental
When most product manufacturers choose cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes, they are a little confused about which one is most suitable. In fact, the printing materials of the two are different.
If you are used for product or brand marketing, the cardboard box is the first choice. Cardboard has a very helpful printing capacity. It is sturdy, has a good touch, is easy to color, and is much thinner than a corrugated box. It is frequently used in industries such as gifts, cosmetics, and electronic products. Popular products: magnetic gift boxes, folding rigid boxes, holographic boxes.
Corrugated boxes are more inclined to transport. The three-layer cardboard features inside and outside make it very shockproof and pressure resistant. Many glass bottle manufacturers choose corrugated boxes for packaging, not just for transportation.

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